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Highly saturated color, a shallow, flattened space and scrawling lines have become elements I inhabit in my work. The forms flirt with the cute and dumb while the high-key color brings to mind sickeningly sweet treats. Plastic objects bought at a discount store, garish make-up, sugar filled neon candy; consumer products that are affordable and marketed to placate the middle-class. They are full of promise but never last or satisfy. The layering of flattened forms and patterns reference 1970’s femmages and 1990’s consumerist designs. Both embrace the decorative and speak to underrepresented social and economic populations. These visual cues are part of America's middle-class aesthetic. A world filled with objects and media that promise fame, fortune, happiness and love.


My paintings look to take ownership of what has been viewed as pedestrian and call attention to the aesthetic landscape of the majority.


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