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"In a puddle, we see the world and ourselves reflected to us in a new way. We ask, What else my transient friend?  We look deeper. Our minds drift. Existence expands in puddle dreams. Our new perspective carries us to the sacred, the human connection we have to bodies of water, no matter their size, and we appreciate the silent contemplative moment."

Jolene Powell
Director Marietta College Art Gallery

Solo Exhibition 2022-Marietta College

Give Me Eyes To See- 72"x96"-oil on panel-2022

22_birthing pains_300dpi_FINAL.jpg

Birthing Pains-72" x 96"-oil on canvas-2022


Finding a Way in the Wilderness-72" x 96"-oil on canvas 2022

By using her art to step outside the sanitized views of mortality and grieving that permeate our culture, Hess has steadied herself and explored new emotional and psychological depths. If those viewing her work are inspired to do the same, that is the greatest compliment they can give to Hess and her art. Of course, they might also notice that she is a very original colorist as well.

John seed

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