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You can easily support the podcast by clicking on this Dick Blick link and doing your shopping! You get your art supplies AND support the show! And for all your Amazon shopping simply click the banner and go about your business. You shop and you support the podcast that supports artists! Thanks guys!



Interested in my work? Email me and I can send you a price list! All work that has not been sold is also available as a high-quality print from a local printer I work with. Each piece is scanned, color matched and printed on archival paper.



Want a specific painting? Email me! I take on a limited amount of commissions a year. A painting of your bouquet from your wedding, the birth of a child, or any other moment commemorated by flowers is a wonderful way to remember a special time. How about the view from your recent vacation or from your childhood home? Send me an email and let's talk! 



Tell someone how much you like their work by gifting them a mug or flash an I Like Your Work tote bag at their opening! 

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