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Collector Myra Tucker, Collecting Art & Curating Your Space

In this episode, I talk to collector Myra Tucker about being in the presence of art, both in museums and in her home, and how this has impacted her. We discuss how she was blown away by work in the Phillips Collection, her connection with her first purchased piece of art, and her suggestions for how artists can connect to collectors. Myra shares how her love of artwork has grown from first being a maker, to having her kid's artwork on her walls, and then to purchasing work from galleries.

If you are an artist wondering how collectors view the work they purchase or if you are someone who is considering becoming a collector, this is the episode for you! Becoming a collector doesn't have to mean spending millions of dollars, although of course it can be that, but rather finding work that you respond to and bringing it into your life. Remember there is art at all kinds of different price points and most artists are willing to work out payment plans. (True story, I once had someone paying $50 a month because they loved a piece of mine and I really wanted them to have it as well).

I hope you join us as we talk about the sheer joy and comfort that artwork can bring to people. For artists, I think this will light you up as you make new work. For people who collect, or want to collect, this episode will inspire you to find your next (or first!) piece of art.

Natalia Wróbel: Odyssey Solo Exhibition November 2 - December 16, 2018 at Abigail Ogilvy

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