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Eps 30: Kimberly Brooks-The Overlap of Art & Science: Painting, Physics, & Writing

I am excited to share this episode with you because it is packed with such great content! Kimberly Brooks is a Renaissance Women who is a painter, researcher, writer, teacher and all around wonderful mind.

In this episode, we talk about David Hockney and his use of technology, the history of technology in painting, the book her father wrote "Art & Physics" and how she edited it during her teenage years. We also discuss her studio practice, work, color and how she became the founding editor of the Huffington Post Arts section.

Kimberly Brooks integrates figuration and abstraction to explore a variety of subjects dealing with history, memory and identity.  Exhibitions include Mom’s Friends, Technicolor Summer, The Stylist Project, I Notice People Disappear, Brazen and most recently Fever Dreams, at Zevitas Marcus, a midcareer survey, at Mt San Antonio College (2018). 2019 exhibitions include Paintings from the Interior at UC Riverside Museum and Disclosure at Durden and Ray and the Untitled Art Fair in San Francisco.

Brooks paintings have been showcased in numerous juried exhibitions with curators from the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Museum of Modern Art, California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Her work has received international press and she was recently a featured artist for the National Endowment for the Arts.

Also an award-winning educator, Brooks teaches workshops around the country including at Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles and The Anderson Ranch Art Center in Colorado.  Brooks received her B.A. at UC Berkeley (Literature) and studied painting at Otis and UCLA. Brooks lives in Los Angeles and works out of her studio in Venice. Her upcoming book, Oil Painting: Safe Practices, Materials and Supplies, published by Griffith Moon, will be available this spring.   

This summer Brooks will be curating a show at  Zevitas Marcus and you can preorder her book, Oil Painting Safe Practices, Materials & Supplies: The Essential Guide at

You can also take workshops with Kimberly this summer based on the book. She is accepting applications now:


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