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Artist Nina Bellucci: Bike Riding to a Room of One's Own

I am excited to share the work of Boston based artist, Nina Bellucci. Nina's work responds to the world around her as she bike's through and navigates life. The moment's we have where we feel the sun on our arms or see the shadow of leaves shake on the ground, these are the brief seconds that are conveyed on canvas or paper.

Nina has always been experimental and resourceful in using materials. Recently she has begun to incorporate pastels and spray paint into her work. The effect is more air within the piece and a line that zings through the painting asserting itself against clouds of color.

Recently words have begun to appear in her work based off of haikus she writes. The haikus are responses to her work and to the world around her. What has always captured me when I look at her work, is how authentically it responds to her world. From the work she created in her kitchen while her kids ran around that include hands grabbing upwards and spilled cereal, to her recent work that investigates an openness we can all feel in quiet moments of contemplation. These private moments are punctuated by studio objects that reference the grounded world outside of her such as a pair of shoes, push pins and painter's tape.

Nina was the 2018 Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Grant in Painting and her work can be seen in March 2019 at Musa Collective in Boston and at Site Brooklyn in June 2019. She maintains a studio at Waltham Mills Artist Association and lives in Newton, MA with her husband and two children.

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Julia Kaiser
Julia Kaiser
Mar 24, 2019

I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I was hooked immediately :) I especially loved your studio visit with Joanne Greenbaum. Now I am listening to all the others, one by one. Thank you for all the good work, Erika. It is very inspiring.

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