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Contain This: Adventures in Urban Container Gardening, 2011.  Images and text by Erika Hess.​

"At a time when prices are high and incomes are low, most of us have become champion comparison shoppers.  We navigate not only the streets of the city but the aisles of the grocery store. Unfortunately for many, the first thing to go is high quality produce. Last year I began my adventure into urban gardening. From window containers, a 3 foot plot of land, to kid's swimming pool: growing your own produce is simple and cheap when you know how to do it. I want to help others save money while not having to sacrifice eating high quality food. Good food shouldn't just be for those who can afford it."


Comic book and demonstration made possible by a grant from FEASTMass.

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The Heart Attack of it All, 2009. Written by Elizabeth Wick, Images by Erika Hess. 

Set between Ohio, Boston and Brooklyn, "The Heart Attack of It All" is a biography of two women attempting to beat the financial crisis of 2009. Broke and jobless they attempt to find their place in a world that isn't hiring. 

The Mustached Kitten, 2009. Editors Erika Hess and Liz Wick. Contributors:

Holly Veselka, Ron Nadarski, Stephen Moore, Henry Finch, Jason Quicksall.

A zine of Boston University graduate students upon graduating from grad school. 

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