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"Historically women have been demanded to fit the space around them. Whether it be a specific acceptable physical size or a particular societal role, women have been forced to master shape-shifting. Years of experience drawing from life informs the invention of my oil paintings. I begin with a body of water in these paintings and imagine women fitting into the space. The women are not real, they are reflections of us. They represent historical women, marginalized women, strong women, forgotten women, and fighting women. I hope women can recognize the flexibility they have practiced as a strength used to overcome circumstances that want to contain us. We push back and step out.." - Erika b Hess, Shape Shifters Series

Painting of a flowe
Painting of a Flower

"By using her art to step outside the sanitized views of mortality and grieving that permeate our culture, Hess has steadied herself and explored new emotional and psychological depths."

John Seed

art historian & writer

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